About Car Free Boston

We are facing unprecedented challenges as a society. Our planet is already nearing 1.2°C above pre-industrial levels and this is causing extreme weather all around the world: fires, flooding, drought and a collapse of bio-diversity. Here in Massachusetts, transportation accounts for 40% of green house gas emissions, and private car use is 58% of that. Doing a bit of math we find that 0.40 x 0.58 = 0.232, so private cars are responsible for over 23% of emissions. This is low-hanging fruit and something we can change now. And a transition away from private cars should not be a burden placed on individuals but instead should come by making alternatives easier, more affordable and more accessible. What we will find as we reduce car dependence is that other forms of transportation are more enjoyable, cleaner, quieter, safer and bring our society together. There is no time to lose. We must act now. Help us push our city and state leadership for a just transition away from dangerous, expensive and polluting private cars to a just, equitable and sustainable future. Car free is freedom and ultimately better for everyone.

Climate Chaos is already here

Car free is a state of mind

We can start small, in whatever ways we can. Going car free doesn't have to be cold turkey. Start by committing to walking, cycling or using public transportation when possible. You might find that even though it may require a bit more planning, it is much more enjoyable. Warning: going car free even for a day may be habit forming.

Advocate for change

Boston and the greater Boston area is home to many amazing bicycle advocacy and activist organizations: Boston Cyclist Union, Mass Bike, and many others.