About Car Free Boston

Driving in Boston is difficult and getting harder every day. More people on the road means more congestion and traffic. Even the people who have made it to their destination are trapped, circling an ever-growing radius around it in a vain search for parking. If everyone in Boston drove, this city would come to a standstill.

Car Free Boston is a group seeking to spread transit news, start conversations, and organize. We are all people who see that things simply cannot continue as they have been and change must come now. It is both a moral imperative and practical reality.

Climate emergency and transportation

Our planet's temperature has already breached 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels and this is causing extreme weather all around the world: fires, flooding, drought and a collapse of biodiversity. The climate is changing and so our approach must evolve to confront emerging issues before being overwhelmed.

In Massachusetts, transportation accounts for 40% of greenhouse gas emissions, and private car use is 58% of that. Private cars are responsible for over 23% of emissions(0.40 x 0.58 = 0.232). This is something we can change now. Transitioning away from private cars doesn’t have to be an individual burden, making alternatives easier, more affordable and more accessible will do the job.

Climate Chaos is already here

Boston must prioritize better transportation options

Boston only works because of the people who ride their bikes or take public transit. Despite that, the city of Boston and surrounding municipalities treat cycling infrastructure as secondary and allowed the T to become a ruined antique. If we do not do more to change our trajectory our city is in real trouble. Nobody else will do it so we have to stand up for ourselves.

What we will find as we reduce car dependence is that other forms of transportation are more enjoyable, cleaner, quieter, safer and bring our society together.

Advocate for change

There is no time to lose. We must act now. Help us push our city and state leadership for a just transition away from dangerous, expensive and polluting private cars to a just, equitable and sustainable future. Freedom from mandatory driving benefits everyone.

If you want to get involved or have some ideas for events, actions, or just want to say hi, send us a message!